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Our Services

Program Application

Based on student’s academic qualifications, career goals, interest’s, financial status and work experience, our counsellors with their valuable student counseling will help students choose the right programs and schools that addresses their aspirations and goals.

Visa Application

Our team of experienced counsellors have expertise across all countries and can guide and support through the complex maze of preparing and submitting the student’s visa application.

Immigration Consultancy

We provide you with a personal strategy to immigrate to Canada, because we understand everyone is unique.  You will receive customized and reliable advice, support, and guidance throughout the entire process.

International Career Service

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions for overseas students post completion of their program. With our associates who have a database of The Fortune Global 500 companies, we can successfully meet the diverse needs of different candidates.


Our homestay placement service is excellent for international students with our homestay network throughout the country.

Seminars and Events

We organize event and seminars to support our students in Canada and overseas.

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